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CMS Services

Custom Management Services

Today the independent retailer is challenged by both increased competition and an ever-changing marketplace. These challenges require an edge — an edge provided by our Custom Management Services.

You can customize this highly flexible program to fit your needs, save you time, and increase your profits!

  • Any combination of the following creates a program designed with you, the independent retailer, in mind! Arett Sales offers…
  • Online ordering & more with Arett Direct & Good Prod Direct ordering from your own computer - available 7 days a week/24 hours a day for outstanding convenience and accuracy.
  • Arett Internet Fulfillment and Website Shopping Cart
  • Annual Sales Catalog — Now comes with a Catalog CD! View products via the printed catalog, the CD or online! Full color photos and detailed product descriptions.
  • Preprinted Retail Price Tickets to streamline your order receiving …tickets are “seeded” to save time and improve accuracy.
  • Custom Retails to protect your gross margins.
  • Design Your Own Invoice lets you see each or case quantities and net or gross prices on your paperwork.
  • Custom SKU Numbers for error-free inventory control.
  • Monthly Price and UPC Change Notifications to keep abreast of any and all important changes.
  • Our Order Confirmation and Advance Shipping Notification services provide you with up-to-date order status information via fax or email.
These services can efficiently and inexpensively help you take control of your business!

At Arett Sales we are continually working harder to give YOU the tools necessary to customize your business! For more details on these services and how you can participate, please talk to your Arett Salesperson.

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